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Sugar Cubed L’Oreal Eliminator 2016

O’Reilly Hall in UCD erupted into screams, shouts, tears and the overwhelming feeling of relief as team Sugar Culture took over the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Eliminator. A total of seven out of nine models were selected as grand finalists from Brown Sugar South William Street, Blackrock, Ranelagh, Sugar Cubed Clarendon Street and Sugar Culture’s newest male offering, Sugar Daddy.

Joanna and Aimee lead the pack for Sugar Cubed with their model Delia, while Amanda and Tiago are heading-up the Men’s category with Assets model Dillon Butler.

Sugar Cubed stylist Joanna gave some insight into the vision behind Sugar Cubed’s female entry, saying: “we wanted to create a look that really highlighted how multi-cultural Ireland has become. Everyday Sugar Cubed has new clients coming in from all over the world and it gives us great opportunities to work with different looks.”

“When our model was announced as a finalist I felt so high on life. We have worked on this so hard and we’re so proud of the look and Sugar Culture for our achievement this year” she continued.

Talking about the anticipated grand final on June 20th, Joanna said “I’m really excited for it! I don’t feel nervous or anxious as myself and Aimee are really confident in our look. We hope to think we can take the trophy home this year for Sugar Cubed and Sugar Culture”.

Sugar Cubed L'Oreal 2016Sugar Cubed L'Oreal 2016

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