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Sugar Cubed Blog

New location, new look, new prices!

Since 2013, Sugar Cubed has paved the way for high-fashion hairdressing at affordable prices, in the heart of Dublin’s buzzing creative quarter. Our customers have enjoyed top-notch colour and cutting from our Dublin salon, that is home to some of the most elite hairdressers in the country, in a cool atmosphere, while served complimentary beverages such as artisan coffee and Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin & Tonics. 

However, for way too long, Dublin salon prices have been notoriously difficult to understand due to technical hairdresser jargon that can be just outright confusing!

We’ve decided to change all that with our new – more affordable and much less confusing, salon prices. Our salon team worked together to create six complete new looks that combine current, sought after hairdressing  colour techniques from start to finish, with a much more affordable price-tag.

What does this mean for you?

No more confusing ‘toner add-ons’ that drive up the cost of your service.

No confusion over the end-result look

No hidden extras with bond strengthening

Simply just great hair at great prices 


So, what are these hot new hair looks that our colour geniuses have devised? Creatively named to reflect the type of colour service you’ll be having post allergy alert test, they are; Oh Baby, Just a touch, Spotlight, Lil Over The Top, Lighten Up and On the Flip Side.

Oh baby €80

Sugar Cubed Prices

Oh Baby Colour Service at Sugar Cubed €80


Oh baby combines a full head of baby lights, with one toner application and a Redken bond strengthening treatment.  The result is delicate white blonde highlights to mimic the blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened by the sun.

It can be applied to any colour hair but it’s best achieved on a mid-to-light base hair. If you have black hair, we would recommend checking out our ‘lighten up’ or ‘over the top’.

Just a touch €75

Sugar Cubed Prices

Just a touch colour service at Sugar Cubed €75


Just a touch, quite simply is a global ‘all over’ colour with some added lighter pieces. The result of this is a darker all over colour with some lighter pieces that give the effect balayage. This look is suitable on dark to mid base hair, and is perfect for those who want a change-up without being too over the top…

Spotlight €90

Sugar Cubed Prices

Spotlight colour service at Sugar Cubed €90


Spotlight uses Aimee’s facial framing colour technique. This look is achieved by placing highlights in very specific areas that help to accentuate cheekbones and eyes. It is suitable for any hair colour or hair type, but depending on the darkness of your hair, it could take up to two attempts to achieve the desired lightness of the hair (a clean blonde as opposed to a brassy blonde)…

Lil over the top €100

Sugar Cubed Prices

Lil Over The Top Colour Service at Sugar Cubed €100


Lil over the top, is exactly that! It’s full-on extreme balayage. Lots and lots of colour to gives you lots of full coverage. It is suitable for all hair colours and hair types, but the end result will depend on your hair colour. Darker hair could naturally need a second attempt to ensure a clean blonde is achieved. Mid-to-light base hair types will see the best result with this colour.

Lighten up €80

Sugar Cubed Prices

Light Up Colour Service at Sugar Cubed €80


Lighten up is our regular balayage option. It’s suitable for any base depending on what tones you want achieve in your hair. We would describe this using the base of your hair and the tones of the colour. For example, the darker base the hair the warmer the tone of colour will be, the lighter the base, the lighter the hair, the lighter the tone of the hair will be. However we can mix and match to your desired look.

On the flip side €75

Sugar Cubed Prices

On the flip side colour service at Sugar Cubed €75


On the flip side are for those who are done with blonde life and want to move to the dark side. Or for brunettes who want to go all over blonde. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, we’ll either combine a precolour and global to take you dark, or two bleach ups to make you a blonde. Simple.

This bold new move with our new salon prices comes as part of our new look and new location. Earlier this year.

Please note, we require a patch test for all new clients and clients who have not had colour with us in the last six months.